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How we finally learned to clean tile and grout so it really sparkles…

My name is Bob DeMartino and my family and I have been cleaning tile and grout since the early 1990’s. This process had been a mystery to us for several years because restoring all of the grout lines in the tile to their original color and luster, was almost impossible, until we learned a simple secret…

I grew up in Seattle, Washington up on Queen Anne Hill where it rained almost every day in the winter. We cleaned mostly carpet up there because the builders don’t use tile like they do here in Florida. But when we did come across tile and grout jobs, they were usually really dirty because of all the water that had been tracked in from the wet weather.

Grout is very porous, and has lots of little spaces for dirt and grease to get in and discolor its normally fresh and clean appearance. This happens every time you mop or clean your tile floors with off-the-shelf cleaners. With this being said, we tried everything from super-hot water and acid grout cleaners to special grout brushes on floor buffers; nothing we did worked – all of the time.

We used different combinations of chemicals and scrubbers, but nothing seemed to work and I became very frustrated and reluctant to take on any new tile jobs; I just could not get them completely clean. As luck would have it, I came across an older gentleman who was a tile and carpet cleaner, while I was at one of our commercial suppliers. He had been successfully cleaning all sorts of tile and natural stone with phenomenal results, for many years!

I literally begged this man to give me his secret. No Luck… I got his phone number and called him for months before he finally said “enough”… OK. He was about to retire anyway and I said I was moving to southwest Florida and would no longer be his competition. He finally gave me the “process”, and I have been using it with great success now for 15 years here in the Sarasota and Bradenton area.

Please call me today at 941-527-9708 and let me give you a firm estimate over the phone. I will show you exactly how I can get your tile and grout “spotless”, or the job is FREE!

Check out our tile and grout cleaning video and “Google Reviews” here so you can see just how we do it. Tile Video” “Google Reviews

Thank You for reading this letter from all of us here at Heaven’s Best carpet and tile cleaning.

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