Bleach-Stain Removal in Bradenton, Sarasota, St Petersburg FL

We have developed a near perfect system for recoloring your carpet back to its original color, if you have accidentally spilled any chemical on your carpet which has taken the color out of the carpet resulting in a loss of color in one or more spots.

Before and After BleachCall us today if you have a bleach stain in your home or business carpet, we guarantee to make it go-away or you don’t pay!!!

Dyeing discolorations with colors similar to the carpet color will result in a wrong shade or color. Most discolorations are partial and contain some color. Adding colors that are similar with the same carpet color will blend with the remaining color and not match. Our system will replace only the missing colors.

The result is a near perfect match. The most accurate and correct method available. If you have made the mistake in dyeing your bleach stains with colors similar to your carpet and the color match is off, we can help in removing this dye and getting the correct shade and color. With this system there is less of a chance in getting the wrong shade or color.

At any step in the procedure the outcome is always closer to the original color. Call to ask about details. The photos above are Actual before and after photos of customers after our using our bleach spot removal system.

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Read our Testimonials:

Hi Bob,

My husband and I had been googling many ways to fix/dye the bleach stains on my carpet for a long time. I did not want to be charged for carpet damage from my apartment complex so I first asked people who work in Home Depot if there is any way to fix my carpet.

They said there was NO WAY to fix the bleach stains. My husband also googled and used crayons to color the stains. Crayons did color the stains but looks dirty (did not match the original color). Fortunately, we accidentally found The Heaven’s Best website, read the testimonials, and wanted like to give it a try! Bob’s customized Bleach Repair System PEFECTLY matched to the original carpet color!

As you see, there were several bleach stains on our carpet (outside of bath room and in dining area). However, they were all gone after Bob applied the Heaven’s Best bleach repair system!

The day we moved out, a leasing manager and a maintenance guy did a walk through with us. The maintenance guy knew there were bleach stains on carpet in dining area so he checked the carpet carefully.

I could tell from his eyes, he was shocked and could not believe the carpet was CLEAN and just like – NOTHING HAPPENED. After we finished the walk through, he said he needed to use the bathroom and went back check again. Thus, of course, the apartment complex did not charge us any penny for carpet!

Thank You Bob & Heaven’s Best Bleach Repair system!!!

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